Qualitas Global

A Month Into My Startup

So it has been some 30 odd days since I launched a startup & here are a few things I learned.

It is very challenging to get the best talent to join us & we do make the mistake of hiring resources from top companies without checking their knowledge background, technical skills & references.

That is something worth avoiding.


I had a well-paying executive job before I had to try my luck in founding my start-up. And I dragged a bag full of ego and lots of knowledge from industry.

I thought I am the best and I know it all. Oh Boy, I was so wrong; start-up stuff is a different beast altogether. We must Un-learn & re-learn.

No one said it was going to be easy, but if you continue to believe, you will make it most likely. Please don’t create processes to manage the process.

Have simple and good web presence & solid collateral and marketing material.

And, I was told never to work with best friends but I don’t believe that for a minute:)