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Video Analytics, Annotations & Tracking

We offer Analytics and Tracking services for a wide array of industries like Retail, Sports, Automobile, Security to name a few, providing services like facial recognition, license plate recognition, athletes performance analysis, people counting, customer identification by age and gender, monitoring vehicles and traffic regulations, amongst many others.

We are capable of tracking and identifying objects from Analog or Digital video streams and provide video and image analytics that can be seamlessly integrated with your current hardware.

We have Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Ice-Hockey, Tennis, Badminton Baseball and Cricket lovers, sports experts and coaches working on your analytics.

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Internet of Things

We offers various IoT solutions to enterprises, providing them with end-to-end solutions to design, implement, secure, analyze data and enable decision support across the IoT infrastructure.


We not only serve large organizations looking for rapid development of new ideas and products but also small, service or device focused businesses that recognize the need to create connected environments and products.

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Video Game Support Services

We provide outsourced multilingual support services for publishers and developers in the video games industry, providing game support for all game types and genre.  


Our flexible and scalable support teams understand your players and moderate your community, giving you an insight into your player’s needs. We help your players with questions, bill payments, microtransactions, etc. delivering support 24X7 over live chat and emails, blogs and social media.

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