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We are a six sigma driven organization with great emphasis on quality and processes. We hand pick our testers and subject them to 100 hours of rigorous in-house training to bring them up to the level of quality we expect our work to reflect. We truly believe that testers are trained and not born.


We understand that your product's needs are different from others. Hence we emphasize on an in-depth need analysis, detailed requirement collection and evaluation to construct a test plan using scripted and exploratory testing methods that fit exactly into your needs and expectations.


We are flexible, scalable and adapt to your changing project needs and future growth plans. We stretch and flex ourselves according to your needs so that your milestones, timelines and budgets aren’t forced to. We take pride in being the partners that you can rely on for your urgent needs. We’re there for you 24x7x365.


We know how important it to communicate with you and hence we have client communication and business communication training as major modules of our in-house training program so as to enable client-preference adjusted business communication and bug reporting. We love communicating, building relationships, meeting and hosting you! Anything to help us know you and your needs better.


Protection of your product and intellectual property are of paramount importance for us. If you can't take our word for it, we make sure you do believe in us other ways by having documents and infrastructural facilities in place that put you at complete ease as far as the security of your product and IP are concerned. Come visit us, we’d be happy to show you around.

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