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The Perfect Time?

Patience, the lack of which I see as a blessing in so many entrepreneurs, including me.  I am impatient & I needs things done fast.  Sometimes I want tomorrow’s things yesterday 😉

Lifes’ not worth waiting for something to happen.  Not worth waiting for someone to respond to your email, your phone call, waiting for someone to say they love you, waiting for the right time to say I love you to someone, waiting to earn your millions from that big break waiting to happen, waiting for your clients to pay you.

The list can go on.

There is never the “Perfect” time for you to do anything.  If it is a decision you need to make, JUST DO IT cause nothing ever goes according to the plan.

Take a calculated risk, be willing to hedge & make changes as required but do not keep waiting.  The game will be played out with or without you anyways.

Are you ready?  Will you fail?  What if it doesn’t work?  What will people think? None of this matters, because it is your life. Nearing a year to my start up, which I got into with no Plan B & it is because there was no safety net, that I pushed myself to become a better me. Obviously, I still have my moments of panic, dread, stress & total annihilation, but you wait it out. You distract yourself & before you know it you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Either way, when you are playing the game, it is more about what you do with the opportunity given to you versus letting nature take its course.  Because even while nature is doing its thing, you are making magic happen & aiding the process. Listen to your gut, & go along your journey.