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Nowadays, large volumes of digital data are being generated and processed in the form of text, images, audio, and video; and this trend is estimated to grow enormously in future. Companies must equip themselves competently to address the growing demands of data analytics driven by this change.


We enable organizations to capture relevant information from text, images and video content for use in data analytics while reducing human effort and making day-to-day business operations faster, smoother and better. 


We offer Analytics and Tracking services for a wide array of industries like Retail, Sports, Automobile, Security, etc. We are capable of tracking and identifying objects, faces, license plates, colours, and more from Analog or Digital video streams and providing video and image analytics that can be seamlessly integrated with your current hardware.

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Facial Recognition

We enable faster facial searches and reduced investigation times by allowing security teams to efficiently capture, index and record faces or any video associated with them. These are very useful in quickly finding suspects in crime cases such as identity theft, robbery, fraud, etc.

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License Plate Recognition

Our services are useful for conducting general surveillance, and controlling crimes or any suspicious activity. We enable security personnel to quickly track and identify full or partial license plates in parking lots, entry/exit gates or driveways, in order to locate suspects or find any evidences.

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Vehicles and Traffic

We enable security teams to quickly search and find videos of vehicles by size, colour, speed, motion and direction. It helps protect entry ways to facilities and better manage traffic in emergency parking lots outside hospitals or critical areas.

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Athletes Performance

To enhance coaching process and achieve repeated success, coaches and athletes need to know what they have done to make them successful or unsuccessful. Our Sports Analytics data services provide statistical and detailed video information through systemic observation to help athletes and coaches understand performance.

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Customer Counting

We provide detailed reporting and actionable insights on customer visits to stores and high traffic areas such as changing rooms, customer service desk, return counters, etc. This metric helps in determining optimal stock levels and staffing needs during peak customer visiting hours, and improving store operational efficiency.

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Customer Identification

We help you to count and identify customers by age and gender in order to optimize your marketing strategy. Our services provide critical business intelligence on conversion of traffic into profitable sales by comparing customer count with point-of-sale transactions.

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Queue Monitoring

We help to capture and monitor the length of customer queue lines at registration desks, door entry points, or return counters during different times of day at different locations or during a marketing event. It facilitates accurate staff and resource planning based on peak activity by time and location.

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Customer Behaviour

We provide useful insights on the way customers behave in a particular environment or react to promotions to enable you to measure the performance of marketing campaigns and displays.

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